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Pinar Ayikcan Tuna Bogaziciyalilari from Istanbul

Posted by Filippo Meani on 7 May 2020

Pinar Ayikcan Tuna Bogaziciyalilari from Istanbul

I’ve met Pinar some years ago in Las Vegas during a Convention, and we become friends immediatly

She work for Bogaziciyalilari her real estate family agency in Istanbul, luxury real estate boutique.


E mail adress pinar@bogaziciyalilari.com.tr


How was the market like before the pandemic?

We are dealing with the luxury market on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Luxury market is little bit different than the regular market. Since each one of our properties is very unique, if the buyers think that they find what they are looking for, they don’t want to miss that property. If we compare to couple years ago, the market was slower but it was still moving before the pandemic. Actually we closed a good contract right before the pandemic.

• Was Istanbul, locked down?

Istanbul was locked down for the mostly service businesses. Like restaurants, cafes, gyms, beauty saloons, hair dressers, barber shops.Some small businesses closed their stores and offices voluntarily to not to spread the virus around and to protect their employees. There were restrictions on the public transportations to limit he number of passengers they would take to the vehicles. The government closed the schools starting from the March 16th and kids started to have online classes at home. The parks and public areas has been closed. People who are under 20 and over 65 are not allowed to go outside of their home.

• How did you feel working during the quarantine?

We have voluntarily closed our office on the March 19th. We work very rare and by appointment only. If we have an appointment, we use our face-masks and keep our social distances and make the appointment very short, safe as possible for us and for our clients. The safety and the health is the first.

• Did you take new sales assignment from property owners, were you able to sell properties?

Yes we took new sales assignment but the property is still on the market.

• Did you find innovative tools which helped your daily job?

We use more technology than before. When there is demand, we show the property online by using online tools.

In your opinion, is it possible to sell houses only by organizing virtual tours for the potential buyers?

We have rent a property using virtual tour but for the Turkish culture, clients would definitely love to see the actual property before buying.

• What do you think will happen in the real estate market?

I don’t expect any surprises. Probably we are going to wait until the economy recovers and people become more confident to buy a house. But rentals are always moving.

• Do you think the concept of living space inside the house have changed due to the quarantine experience?

Yes. Many people, who has opportunity and power, have decided to move to a bigger house with a private yard. We are having calls from some of our clients stating that they definitely need more spaces at home to use as an office, gym and education space for their kids.

Thanks so much Pinar.


















Pinar Ayikcan Tuna Bogaziciyalilari from Istanbul

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