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Ashley Mcevers is Director of Business Development of Willis Allen

Posted by Filippo Meani on 5 May 2020

Ashley is good frind of mine she was in Europe just few days before the  lockdown started, she love travelling in Europe.

Ashley Mcevers  is Director of Business Development of Willis Allen a Real estate Agency in La Jolla San Diego


You can contact directly Ashley amcevers@willisallen.com


How was the market like before the pandemic?
The market was super competitive across all price points except for properties around $4M+. Overall, it was incredibly strong which was driven by lack of inventory.

• Was your city, your region locked down?
Yes, San Diego went on an official lockdown the week of March 16th. Only essential services have been available (food markets, pharmacies, postal services, etc). Our county is slowly beginning to reopen in Phase 1 where we are seeing the beaches and parks open with restrictions.

• How did you feel working during the quarantine?
I will speak for myself and many of my friends and colleagues in saying that we have our good days and bad days. Fortunately, through the help of technology we are able to continue to conduct business virtually (with restrictions) and maintain a sense of normalcy.

• Did you take new sales assignment from property owners, were you able to sell properties?

Yes, many of our agents took new listings and have conducted sales during this time, for the most part completely virtually. We utilized the help of 3D technology (Matterport), virtual tours, Facetime and other resources to show listings which have resulted in closed sales!

• Did you find innovative tools which helped your daily job?

Zoom, Facetime, Richoh cameras, Matterport, virtual transaction management systems.

• In your opinion, is it possible to sell houses only by organizing virtual tours for the potential buyers?

Yes, we have seen some completely virtual transactions done throughout this time. Clients who are motivated whether it’s for a job relocation or see the opportunity for investment are still purchasing.

• What do you think will happen in the real estate market?

We think there is great potential ahead for the real estate market. We expect to see sales rise when this settles. Clients who were waiting on the sidelines will hopefully move back into the market and take advantage of incredibly low mortgage interest rates. Our inventory is still low and could remain low for a while which is a possible challenge but overall, we expect to see higher amounts of activity ahead.

• Do you think the concept of living space inside the house have changed due to the quarantine experience?

Absolutely, I think more buyers will gravitate towards properties with in home amenities such as gyms or pools along with larger outdoor space.

When this is all over I think many people will appreciate the little things a lot more and show greater respect towards one another. Hopefully, gratitude will be exemplified throughout the world!

Grazie mille Ashely, speriamo di vederci presto

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